Our Story

It was a perfect Sydney summer day. We were sitting on the beach, enjoying the sunshine. An ice cream truck rolled up to the sand’s edge. Children flocked. We joined them. We looked at the menu. Choc Dip, Choc Nut, Double Dip, Flake… It hadn’t changed since we were kids. Not one bit.

We thought that was remarkable. Because just about everything else has changed. We’re more educated about health and nutrition. We’re more aware of the risks of junk food. Especially for our children. So we’ve become more discerning about what we eat. Pubs, cafes, restaurants, and bars have all moved with the times to offer healthier options.

So why not ice cream vans? We thought it was time to give Sydneysiders the chance to enjoy a refreshing, healthy summer snack… the way they always remembered it.

So now Mr Whippy has grown up! He’s healthier, stronger, smoother. and much better looking. Meet Whip Van Sprinkle – the first van bringing Cocowhip to the streets, beaches and parks of spectacular Sydney. Vegan-friendly and gluten-free, Cocowhip is the healthy soft serve alternative you’ve been craving.

Whether it be by the sand, at a festival, sporting event, or private function… we hope to see you very soon!